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Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a great turkey day! :) Anyhow...I've been doing good, regardless of some events that have happened last month and such. A lot has happened since I last wrote here, so let me get started by saying...BUST SHOTS!! :D

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Okay XD Now on a more serious note...last month I have been tied up in some internet drama and such, and by that I mean I created *part* of it. I'd rather not go into details about it, but it did result in me breaking ties with tons of people and isolating myself from the typical crowd. However, there's some good that did come out of the dramatic breakout, and that's like...what the truth revealed to me. Some of the people I've been friends with truly stuck by my side, while others abandoned me and such. To be honest, I was initially phased, but now I couldn't give a fuck less :P

Anyhow, I had a trip to the Museum of Modern Art a few weeks ago, and I loved the whole day...except when I got high. Normally I don't mind getting high at all, but the fact that me and my friend got pulled over by a cop caused me to enter a huge panic-stricken state and such. I do feel bad for ruining her night, which she knows already since we both peacefully made up :) God bless that girl because I left her and she was able to look past that...she has a pure spirit when it comes to socializing~

Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary has been happening for me. College has been keeping me superbly busy and such. While it's been going on, I've been discovering more and more about myself and the community I am in. To me...Long Island seems to be very sexual when it comes to relationships :/ I do not know why I think that, but that's what I have observed from time to time. Also...I have been in a much happier place as far as being single goes. I learned recently that a relationship is not going to make me any happier than being single (mainly due to my meds and the way I feel about people, which is 50/50 Malicious/Kind).

So overall I've been handling everything pretty well, despite how panic stricken I could get sometimes. Though...I'm working on my emotions and such. It's much nicer not to have any suicidal thoughts when something bad happens, and by bad I mean god awful for the moment XD; Anyhow...on that note, I have been thinking about my older YA friends from when I was younger. I would like to see how much they have grown and get to re-learn who they are nowadays~

I would like to note that I am open for art trades at the moment, but you have to be willing to put in effort towards it and such. I'm going to be selective with the slots, so here goes:

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I could use this to fill my Sketch book up, so not hesitate to note me what you'd want. Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope to hear from you guys soon! :)
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I am an artist, student, and most importantly, a person you should get to know. When I was about fifteen years of age when I first started my self discovery as an artist, and now, I know who I really am and what I am truly capable of. I did not always know much about Adobe, or any programs for that matter. I practiced very hard to what I got myself to this day. My goal is to appreciate the life and color that art gives off, so that way, everyone can enjoy looking at my works. I hope you enjoy viewing this profile.

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